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    The galaxitian flag

    Galaxitian is a term from the quartz system that rejects all ties to any alignment. It is similar to gendervoid and agender. It can be described as being as empty as a black hole, and if there is any gender experienced by a person who identifies as galaxitian the person will start experiencing that gender less and less until it doesn't exist as if it is being sucked up and ripped apart bit-by-bit, similar to a black hole.

    Galaxitian alternate flag coined by FANDOM user Kudorix


    The flag was based of the actual stone galaxite with a black diamond in the centre to symbolise gemstones. It was made on the same day it was coined by FANDOM user RoseWatera.

    The second flag was created by FANDOM user Kudorix. Green stripes represent not having gender, navy blue stipes mean feeling the gender less and less, black diamond means rejecting ties to any alignment, and the ring around diamond means agender / gendervoid energy.


    The term was coined on the 23nd of November 2020 by FANDOM user RoseWatera as a part of the quartz system. This page is the original source of the term.