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    The freedressing flag.
    The freedressing symbol.

    Freedressing is a tacit of acknowledging that clothing is free of gender, along with the act of disavowing the customary school of thought that what one wears reflects one's gender. It is common among genderqueer and gender non-conforming people who advocate for freedom of gender expression, in defiance of binary gender stereotypes.

    Freedressing is contrasted with crossdressing as crossdressing invokes a gender binary mode of expression, while freedressing seeks to liberate people from overly oppressive, socially imposed masculine and feminine gender roles and expectations through freedom in fashion. Freedressing was created to describe those who wear clothing regardless of any gendered association.


    Freedressing was originally coined in 2004 by Leslie Krause, though was not widely known on the internet until 2012.[1][2]

    Flag and Symbols

    Freedressing originally did not have a flag, but it did have a symbol, which appears to have been created by Krause. The symbol consists of a diamond, with a lowercase “f”, standing for "freedressing". The freedressing symbol is a wine purple, used to represent the gender non-conforming community.

    The flag was created by Tumblr user gender-resource on January 21, 2021.[3] The golden stripe represents personal freedom. The white stripe represents the blank slate of autonomy. The wine purple stripe represents subversion of the patriarchy and gender binary.


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