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    The firasexual flag.
    The flag meanings.
    Alternate flag with symbol

    Firasexual is a non-binary sexuality for the attraction to women. This was specifically created as an orientation for a-spec non-binary individuals. It differs from terms such as feminamoric and trixic, as it is specifically for non-binary individuals on the asexual and/or aromantic spectrums.

    An example of this could be a non-binary individual who is aromantic and in a queerplatonic relationship with a woman, but still feels sexual attraction to their partner, resulting in them identifying as firasexual.

    The masculine counterpart is virasexual.


    The term was coined by Twitter user @RenZIsHereKiddo on November 3rd of 2020 alongside virasexual.


    The flag was coined by Twitter user @RenZIsHereKiddo on November 3rd of 2020.