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    Feminosexual flag.
    Alternate flag.

    Feminosexual is a term for a gay woman.[1][2] This term is not used often, however it was created to make those who are usually classified as lesbians feel less like they were grouped in with gay men. Feminosexual people may also identify as lesbian or feminaesexual if they feel as though it fits their experience.


    It is unknown when this term was coined, however it has been used in LGBT+ spaces for a decent number of years.


    The feminosexual flag was created by user Lm7923 on November 23, 2020. The feminosexual flag is in various shades of pink to represent the varying levels of femininity that feminosexuals are attracted to. The darker shades are for women, and the lighter shades are for more feminine-aligned non-binary genders.

    The alternative flag was coined by a user going by Ally on February 5th of 2021. Yellow represents community and pronoun non-conformity, green represents awareness/acknowledgement and gender non-conformity, blue represents seperation from men and masculine/butch presenting feminine-aligned genders, and purple represents androgynous/neutral presenting feminine-aligned genders. On the sides, red represents women and compassion, orange represents love and feminine non-binary people, and pale orange represents unaligned genders and peace. The flower in the middle uses a color pallet similar to the transgender flag, in order to show inclusiveness of transgender feminosexuals. The flower also represents femme presenting and gender-conforming/pronoun-conforming feminosexual individuals.

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