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    The etbinariisexual flag.
    The remade etbinariisexual flag.

    Etbinariisexual,, also known as lataabisexual or stellariasexual, is the exclusive attraction to stellarian, enbyflux, neutrois, deminonbinary, aliagender, atrinary, agender, and other abinary, outherine, and genderless identities on those spectrums, and may include uingenders. It is different to stellaric because etbinariisexual includes outherine identities, abinary identites. Etbinariisexuals are attracted to all types of outherine, abinary and genderless aligned gendered people, such as vermil, pewt, and cerul, not just neutrality. Etbinariisexuals generally like many abinary, outherine and genderless aligned genders but don’t have to like all of them.

    Etbinariisexual can be used by people of any gender. Etbinariisexuals who are women or woman-aligned may also identify as asterian. Etbunariisexuals who are men or man-aligned may also identify as astroidian. Etbinariisexuals who are non-binary may also identify as gai or enbian.

    The masculine counterpart is muscusexual. The feminine counterpart is feminaesexual. The androgynous counterpart is puellraesexual.


    The flag was created by wiki user RoseWatera on April 25, 2021. The black is to symbolize attraction to the agender/genderless spectrum, the green is to represent liking outherine genders, the lime is for their attraction towards all abinary-aligned genders, and the light yellow symbolizes their attraction towards all neutral and uingenders.

    The second flag was made by FANDOM user RoseWatera as a remake of the first on June 15th 2021. The white represents their attraction to aspenians and hypergender neutrois people. The light ash-ish yellow is for attraction to neutral/uingenders. The lime represents liking any abinary aligned gender. The dark green represents their attraction to outherine genders and the black is for attraction to agender/genderless people.


    The Term Etbinariisexual was coined by FANDOM user RoseWatera on April the 25th, 2021 through the creation of this article, and has no outside resources. The term was coined for a request of FANDOM user TheGamblingDemon on the muscusexual article.


    User blog:RoseWatera/Remade Old Flags | LGBTA Wiki | Fandom (wikia.org)

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