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    The enstellic flag.

    Enstellic is a term from the stellate orientation system referring to an attraction to non-binary genders, which may include non-binary genders of any alignment (including fegender, mascgender, androgyne, neutral, aporine, agenrine, xenine or otherwise genderqueer genders). This may also include fluid and fluctuating genders that sometimes align with these identities, or genders that partially align with these identities, such as some multigenders.

    One may or may not experience enstellic attraction exclusively (one may or may not experience attraction to genders other than the ones the term refers to). It does not inherently indicate that one's orientation is static or involves any form of preference, and does not describe any information about one's own gender - simply that one experiences an attraction to non-binary genders in some form.

    Terms that may be considered subsets of enstellic include mestellic and exstellic. It also overlaps somewhat with trixstellic and torstellic as these terms include attraction to non-binary genders that are partially woman/feminine-aligned and man/masculine-aligned respectively.


    Enstellic may be used to refer to any type of attraction. This includes (but is not limited to): any split attractions, angled or oriented a-spec identities, and fluid or fluctuating attractions. It may be used as an adjective to describe an aspect of one's attraction, or as an identity - whether combined with other identities or used on its own. It may also be used as a general term, encompassing anyone who experiences, or any identities that involve, an attraction to non-binary genders.

    Enstellic may be seen as a non-exclusive counterpart to terms such as ceterosexual, and triasexual.

    History and Flag

    Enstellic was coined by FANDOM user Contie, 21st June 2021 - 24th June 2021, along with the other terms in the stellate orientation system; the original source for this term is the LGBTA wiki page: Stellate Orientation System.

    The enstellic flag was created by FANDOM user Contie, 25th June 2021. Yellow, green purple and gray were chosen as they are often used to represent various non-binary genders.

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