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    Enbian, also known as non-binary loving non-binary (NBLNB), or owtic, is a diamoric orientation that refers to non-binary individuals attracted to non-binary individuals. One may or may not be attracted to other genders as well. This attraction does not need to be exclusive, as the label is used in a way to unify all non-binary individuals who love other non-binary individuals.

    The term is most commonly used as an umbrella term. It is often used in combination with another identity to specify that one prioritizes their attraction to and relationships with other non-binary individuals. It can also be used as an identity on its own, if desired, particularly for those who know they are attracted to non-binary individuals but may be uncertain if they're attracted to other genders. The term can also be used to describe a relationship between two non-binary individuals.

    The masculine equivalent is achillean. The feminine equivalent is sapphic.


    The prefix enb- of enbian comes from enby, a shortening of the word non-binary.


    In August 2016 Tumblr user enbians created the first enbian flag. It appears that it is the first mention of enbian as a whole, although its actual coining date is unknown.


    In August 2016 Tumblr user enbians created the first enbian flag[1]. In the same month, Tumblr user enbians made two variations of the enbian flag.[2][3]

    In July 2017, Tumblr user non-birbnary created two variations of the first enbian flag[4][5].

    In October 2017, Tumblr user the-ross-winchester created a nblnb/enbian flag based off of the nblw/trixic flag and nblm/toric flag[6].

    In June 2018, Tumblr user nblnb created an enbian flag inspired by the-ross-winchester's enbian flag[7][8].

    The three-horizontal-stripe alternative enbian flag was created by an anonymous wiki user on April 20, 2021. The plum stripes represent nonbinary love. The aster represents love, wisdom, faith, and color. The flag is designed to follow the same format as the sapphic, achillean, and diamoric flags, as well as other flags for juvelic orientations.

    The demienbian flag was created by an anonymous wiki user on August 3, 2021. It is the aster enbian flag in the demi- flag format. The dark grey stripe stands for a-spec attraction. This flag can be used for sexual, romantic, and tertiary attraction.