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    Diamoric, also known as adonian, adonic, and cypric, is a term used by some non-binary individuals to describe their orientation, which does not fit into the similar/opposite gender attraction dichotomy due to being a uniquely non-binary experience. The term does not specify what gender(s) one is attracted to, it only specifies that one is non-binary and experiences attraction in a non-binary specific way.

    Diamoric can also be used to describe a relationship in which one or more of the individuals involved is non-binary. A diamoric relationship is one which is neither straight nor gay, due to at least one of the parties being non-binary. Binary individuals cannot use the term diamoric to describe their own orientation, but they can use it to describe their relationship with a non-binary individual.

    Diamoric can be an orientation on its own or it can be used as an umbrella term to describe a variety of non-binary attraction. It can also be used as a prefix for other orientations to specify it as diamoric, such as dia-vincian, dia-lesbian, dia-bi, etc.

    Diamoric is meant to be a counterpart to sapphic and achillean.

    Diamoric Orientations

    Diamoric is an umbrella term and for all orientations that describe non-binary attraction that does not conform to a similar/opposite gender dichotomy. The following are some of those orientations.

    • Viramoric: Non-binary attraction to men exclusively.
    • Feminamoric: Non-binary attraction to women exclusively.
    • Femellasexual: Non-binary attraction to binary women exclusively (does not include woman-aligned non-binary individuals).
    • Terraric: Non-binary attraction to non-binary individuals exclusively.
    • Marsic: Non-binary attraction to men and masculine-aligned individuals exclusively.
    • Venusic: Non-binary attraction to women and feminine-aligned individuals exclusively.
    • Toric/Quadrisian: Non-binary attraction to men (exclusively or not).
    • Trixic/Orbisian: Non-binary attraction to women (exclusively or not).
    • Tiric/Ordrisian: Non-binary attraction to men and women (exclusively or not).
    • Enbian: Non-binary attraction to non-binary individuals (exclusively or not).


    On June 13, 2016 the term Dionysian was coined by Tumblr user Androgyne-Enjolras (Now Marlowelune)[1]. The term is derived from Dionysus who was historically associated with gender variance. There were some individuals who thought it was rude to use the name of a Hellenistic god. On July 5th there was a poll for an alternate to Dionysian, the options being appellic and diamoric[2]. On July 14th the results of the poll were posted, with the results in favor of diamoric[3].


    The diamoric flag has two green stripes on the top and bottom, representing non-binary individuals. In the middle it has a white stripe to match the achillean and sapphic flags, with a purple myrtle in the center. Myrtles were said to be sacred to Aphrodit(e/us) and Adonis, whose relationship may be said to be diamoric.[4]

    Between June 13th and June 26, 2016 four flags were created by Milith Rusignuolo via the Tumblr blog Dionysiansuggestion.[4] These flags were all very similar, with all of the having the purple myrtle and the only differences being the color of the top and bottom stripes. Soon the flag that caught on was the one with light green stripes[5].


    The word diamoric comes from the Greek prefix dia- meaning "passing through" or "going apart" and the Latin word amor, meaning "love".



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