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    Custopronominal flag.

    Custopronominal or a Custopronoun user is an umbrella term for anyone who uses pronouns specific to a certain, country, location, language, etc. Some examples of this includes:

    • Someone who uses pronouns of another language, such as a English-speaking genderqueer person who uses the Portugese pronoun "elx" when speaking English.
    • A culture that has a third gender and has a pronoun specific to that gender.
    • A fictional culture that has different pronouns than the real world does.

    This does not include people who use pronouns that are specific to specific culture, unless that culture is their own.


    Custopronominal was coined by Cryptocrew on February 9th, 2021 in order to describe the experiences of one of their fragments and of their characters.


    The custopronominal flag was coined by Cryptocrew on February 9th of 2021. Dark green represents countries and locations, light green represents unity and community, dark blue represents language and speech, light blue represents peace and joy, off-white represents writing and pronoun usage, white represents the gender spectrum, black represents the lack of gender, dark purple represents connection between pronouns and genders, while light purple represents disconnect between pronouns and gender.


    Custo- comes from the word custom as these pronouns are custom to specific locations or languages.

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