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    Alternate courscatian flag.
    Alternate courscatian flag by Tumblr user rainbowscrying
    Courscatian refers to an individual who is nblm, nblnb, nblw, mlm, mlw, and mlnb, meaning an individual who is non-binary and a man who is attracted to men, women, and non-binary individuals. Being "non-binary and a man" includes A) individuals who are genderfluid, and are sometimes non-binary and sometimes men. B) Bigender or multigender individuals who are men or man aligned and non-binary at the same time. C) Masculine aligned non-binary individual who feels connected to manhood as well as being non-binary. Courscatian is an umbrella term, like diamoric, though it can also be used as an identity by itself.


    The term courscatian was coined by Tumblr user Medic-crow around May 13, 2018[1], inspired by opalian, spinelian, and iridian. Courscatian is based on the word coruscating, based on the root words of iridian (iridescent) and opalian (opalescent).


    The flag was designed by the user Xeno-aligned on May 14, 2018[2], it was based off the iridian, opalian, and spinelian flags. The dark blue represents mlw, green represents mlm, white represents nblnb, yellow represents nblw and light blue represents nblm.

    The second alternate flag was designed by Tumblr user rainbowscrying on January 20th, 2021[3]. The dark blue represents mlw, blue represents mlm, turquoise represents mlnb, white represents nblnb, light purple represents nblw and dark purple represents nblm.


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