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    The ceptusexual flag
    The cepturomantic flag
    The ceptusensual flag
    The original ceptusexual flag
    The original cepturomantic flag
    The original ceptusensual flag

    Ceptusexual, also known as fierisexual, is an ace-spec sexual orientation, referring to an individual who experiences little to no sexual attraction, but can experience strong sexual desire. While one may not like the idea of sex in reality, they view their conceptual desire for a sexual relationship to be significant enough to warrant a place alongside their asexual orientation. It can be used as a specific identity, or used alongside other ace-spec identities that may entail feelings of conceptual desire, such as aegosexual, demisexual or fictosexual.

    A ceptusexual individual will typically enjoy sex or sexual relationships in theory, but they will lack the same enthusiasm for them in practice. However, one's desire can potentially manifest in sexual attraction to another if the individual in question happens to meet the conceptual criteria of the ceptusexual's desire.

    While similar in definition to aegosexual, ceptusexual is different in the sense that there may be no specific circumstance that plays a factor in one's lack of sexual attraction, opposed to the presense of "the self" leading to diminished attraction in aegosexuality. Because of this, a ceptusexual individual is present in their fantasies or desires, but may still have no drive to act on those desires, nor experience a drive towards any individual. It also differs from fictosexual, as while their conceptual attraction could be perceived as "fictional", the subject of one's desire does not have to be.

    For those who feel strongly about the type of sexual desire they experience, prefixes can be added to the beginning to specify the gender(s) one desires, for example, pan-ceptusexual or bi-ceptusexual, which can further be shortened to panceptu or biceptu. Some reasons for this could entail:

    • Ace-spec individuals that do experience sexual attraction under specific circumstances.
    • Those who may have once considered themselves allosexual before identifying under the asexual spectrum.
    • Those who simply feel the specific type of attraction/desire they experience is worth acknowledging.

    The romantic and tertiary attraction counterparts to ceptusexual are ceptu[x] (e.g. cepturomantic, ceptusensual, ceptuaesthetic, etc), or fieri[x] (e.g. fieriromantic, fierisensual, fieriaesthetic, etc).


    The term ceptusexual was coined by Reddit user StardustGenie on January 26th, 2022,[1][2] with fierisexual being coined by Reddit user dawnfire05 on the same date.[3]


    The flag was designed by Reddit user StardustGenie on January 27th, 2022.[2] The shades of purple represent the asexual community, and one's own desire. Other ceptu attraction flags can swap purple for whichever form of attraction they are referring to, such as cepturomantic swapping purple for green to represent the aromantic community.

    The cepturomantic and ceptusensual flags were designed by Reddit user StardustGenie on January 27th, 2022.[4][5] They are based off the ceptusexual flag.

    The ceptu flag design was updated on August 16th, 2022 to differentiate it from other similar looking flags.[6]


    The term ceptusexual is derived from the word "concept", or the Latin variation, "conceptus", meaning "conception", “idea” or “expression”. The term fierisexual is derived from the Latin word "fieri", meaning "upcoming", "in progress", "underway", "pending" or "to happen".


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