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    Category:Abinary Genders

    The main article for this category is Abinary.

    Genders that are explicitly characterized (fully or partially) as being in some way connected to any of the following: abinary, unaligned, neutral (-aligned), niaspec, NIN (neutral in nature), are characterized by neutrality in some way, or are otherwise described as being unrelated to male, female, masculinity, femininity, or anything in between or derived from these things.

    Do not include identities that are purely aporine/aporagender/outherine/AIN/aiaspec, agiaspec/agender/genderless/AGIN, or xenine/xenic/xenogender/xiaspec/XIN in this category. See Category:Aporine Genders, Category:Outherine Genders, Category:Genderless, Category:Xenine Genders, and Category:Xenogender.


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