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    Carganic flag (made by harmful individual.)
    Carganic flag without symbol (made by harmful individual)

    Carganic is a xenogender that feels like your gender is "loading" in. It may feel incomplete, in progress, vague, or like something you can only sit back and wait for, until you can see the full picture. This label can be used on its own, or can be combined with others.


    Carganicflux is a subset of Carganic and it refers to someone whose gender fluctuates between feeling like its not loaded in at all, and can fluctuate to a point where it could be completely "loaded in" and clear, often going hand-in-hand with having a strong sense of your gender.

    History and flag

    The term was coined on May 18, 2021 by FANDOM user Ariathatsme. The flag was coined on the same date by the same person, and the meaning goes as follows: purple to represent its xenic nature, yellow for inclusivity across the entire gender spectrum, grey and white to represent the blank state of "loading", dark blue to represent vague-ness, and blue to represent the potential fluctuating aspect to this gender.

    This term, however, was coined by a harmful user who faked systemhood, manipulated users, was exclusionist, and was endophobic. Because of this, people may be hesitant using this term, however it may be used in a reclaiming manner.


    The word carga is Portuguese for "load".

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