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    The c*ntboy flag

    C*ntboy is a reclaimed slur for male/masculine individuals who have a vagina. Although it is used in a dehumanizing and fetishizing manner as a transphobic, altersexist, and intersexist slur, it has been reclaimed by some transmasculine individuals who want to keep their vagina (TM-Altguina), intersex individuals with masculine appearances and a vagina, and/or AMAB men or non-binary individuals who want bottom surgery (AMAB-V). Those who identify with the slur do not do so in a sexual manner or as a kink and do not wish for it to be seen in such a way.

    Besides its reclaimed use, it should not be used on any individual, especially those who have not reclaimed this term. No individual should use the slur unless they themself have the right to reclaim it. The term should only be reclaimed by those who have a male or masculine gender, are AFAB or intersex, and desire to keep their vagina.

    This term is very similar to hefemale in its usage.


    The c*ntboy flag was created for individuals who reclaim the term by Tumblr user system-lgbt on February 23, 2019.[1] Pink is for sex workers who are trans men who may use this slur as an identifier. Yellow is for intersex individuals who choose to identify by this term. White is for being non-conformant towards sex. Green is for non-binary individuals (who are at least partially male) who choose to identify with this word. Purple is for trans men who are gender non-conforming. The triangle represents metaphorically "cutting away" the female identity from one’s gender and sex.


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