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    The boyflux flag
    The original boyflux flag

    Boyflux, also known as manflux or guyflux, is a gender under the genderflux umbrella describing someone whose male gender fluctuates in intensity. This typically involves feeling strongly masculine sometimes and weakly masculine at other times. Boyflux individuals can fluctuate from feeling completely without gender to completely masculine or male. In between those extremes, one may feel slightly masculine, to half masculine, to mostly masculine but not fully, or any other amount of masculinity. Some individuals may move smoothly between intensities while others may quickly jump between intensities. Boyflux individuals may encompass genders such as paraboy, demiboy, libramasculine, proxvir, bxy, man, and many other masculine genders. A boyflux individual may also experience other, non-masculine, genders, but this is not necessarily related to their boyflux identity.


    Hemiboyflux is a gender identity in which one fluctuates between 0% and 50% male/masculine.

    Related identities include hemiboy, genderflux, demigender, demiboy, demiboyflux, and demiflux.


    The terms boyflux and girlflux were coined by Tumblr user kitsuneshay on August 19, 2015, in order to describe their own identity.[1]


    In the original flag, the three large stripes of blue represent feeling mostly male but also feeling fluctuating intensity of being male. The meanings of the five small stripes are as follows: pink represents female and feminine genders, purple stands for genders between male and female, the green represents genders outside of the binary, the white represents absence of gender (agender or similar identities), and grey represents unknown or unnamed genders.

    FANDOM user Jamy123456789's flag, created on December 4, 2020,[2] combines the symbolism of both flags into a more appealing format.

    An alternate flag was created by FANDOM user RezRobin on March 19, 2021. The normal blue represents binary boy, the grayish blue represents partial boyhood, the dark blue represents vague masculinity, the bright cyan represents masculinity in general, the tiny bright green stripes on each side of the main green represent fluctuation, and the green represents genders that aren't exclusively masculine.[3]

    An alternate flag was uploaded by FANDOM user IMakeFlags on August 7, 2021.[4] The flag was based on the girlflux flag they made.

    Many other boyflux flags have been made.



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