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    Body Non-Conforming Flag
    Body Non-Conforming (BNC), also known as Soul/Body Variant, is a form of ‘non-conformity’ in which an individual’s identity is beyond just physical or mental identities. In other words, individuals that feel the body they are in physically(and/or) mentally, or spiritually, wasn’t meant for them.
    • A trans man who feels like they were always a man, may feel like they were born in the wrong body but their identity beyond what they were physically is male. (Could count as MtM, or FtF to female individuals)
    • A cisgender individual who feels they should have been the ‘opposite’, or ‘non-AGAB’ but may not suffer with dysphoria, nor may feel like it’s a ‘need’ to identify as said identity.
    • Individual who has been allosexual for as long as they can remember, but never felt truly comfortable with it, and feels like their identity ‘beyond’ is asexual.
    • Individuals who are alterhuman, or questioning if they are alterhuman may also be BNC.
    • Plural system members who may not identify or feel comfortable with the body.

    Additional Terminology


    Overbody is a term to describe the identity that are beyond current physical world identities/underbody.


    Underbody is a term to describe current identity within the physical world.


    Wollen-identity or Wollen-identities, stands for identities that individuals part of BNC want but unable to due to either complex feelings from the current physical world, dysphoria, such cases like disclosed individuals, etc.


    Close-to-body/soul, or otherwise known as CTB/CTS, has two different definitions.

    1. It’s a term to individuals who are aiming to make the underbody as close to the overbody.
    2. It’s a term for individuals who are already are close to resemblance/comfort to the overbody.


    Disclosed is a term for individuals who won’t/aren’t doing much about being BNC, but do understand their overbody identities. Disclosed individuals may or may be open about being BNC, (which needs to be respected) or other cases, and still are valid even if they are cis.

    Body non-conforming was made commonly for individuals who feel said way to their current physical world identities, with being able to be used to anyone of any gender, cis or cisn’t.

    BNC may or may not come with dysphoria of any kind.


    BNC was created on 7th of July, 2021, by discord and FANDOM user, Musephile.


    The flag from represents both the overbody and underbody, the connection, and how it’s goes.

    • From the left side. Redish tones to grey represent the overbody and the identities.
    • From the right. Blueish tones to black represent the underbody and the physical identities.
    • The purple, blue, and grey, in the middle represent the connection/feeling/complex form on how BNC may make someone feel.


    Day when term name was coined.]


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