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    Reclaimed Blackberry Baby flag - Previously used by Longsword Lesbians.
    Blackberry Baby flag with redefined color meanings.

    Content warning: this page briefly mentions fascism/kink and how it relates to the term.

    Blackberry Babies (or BbBs) are individuals who feel their gender nonconformity as well as their partner(s)' gender nonconformity or lack thereof is important to their relationship with their partners. This term is for all GNC individuals be they cis, trans, or etc.

    Any polyam GNC individual can use this term. It also doesn't matter if someone is "a little" GNC or "entirely" GNC, as long as they believe being GNC is important to their relationship with their lovers they can identify as a Blackberry Baby.

    A simple way to understand it is any sort of gender nonconformity looked down upon as "degenerate" or "unnatural" by fascists (such as men on bottom or being stay at home parents) in any way that comes naturally and lovingly to the GNC individuals counts. (This identity also applies to anyone who identifies with ENM -Ethically Non-Monogamous- aswell)


    A woman dressing masculine/male and bringing in most of the money, or a man staying at home and cooking dinner for their lover(s) out working. This may also apply to sexual dynamics regarding kink. (pegging, femdom, etc.)

    Anything from who looks after the house and children to who is dominant in bed may be included in an individuals gender nonconformity, and they may find how this interacts with how their partners to be important to them, their partners, or the relationship.


    This term was coined by twitter user @/jojohandholder on October 16, 2021 as a way to reclaim and repurpose anti-inclusionist identities.

    "I like this term, but do I need to use it? Nope! This term is simply what I've coined to describe my experience as a GNC polyam individual and how my gender nonconformity relates to my relationships, as well as how it inspires me to exist despite the fash. Not mandatory to use it!" -jojohandholder on Twitter.


    This flag has been reclaimed and repurposed from the harmful, original term "Longsword Lesbian" or LsL.

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