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    The bigenderprox flag.

    Bigenderprox, also known as bigender-proximal, is a term with many possible meanings, but in general, is a term for anyone who experiences a connection to two genders, or the primary qualities of two genders, regardless of their actual gender(s). For example, experiencing a connection to both girlhood/womanhood and boyhood/manhood, regardless of whether these connections are experienced simultaneously or in a fluid way. Bigenderprox includes:

    • Bigender individuals, such as those who fully experience two distinct genders. For example, being both mushroomgender and female, and experiencing both xenogenderness and girlness as a result.
    • Individuals who are not necessarily 100% one gender and 100% another. For example, being any demigender while also identifying as another gender, being genderfluid or fluidflux, being multiflux or bigenderfluix, identifying with both femininity and masculinity (or any other pair of gender-related qualities) while not identifying as either a "girl" nor a "boy", or being both a gxrl and a bxy. Individuals in this group may experience a connection to, for example, both girlhood and boyhood, but not completely to girlness or boyness, because they are not 100% girls or 100% boys.

    Bigenderprox individuals can feel connected to any combination of gender qualities, such as femininity, masculinity, androgyny, neutrality, agenrinity, outherinity, xeninity, etc.

    The term "multigenderprox" may also be used in general to refer to experiencing connections to at least two genders or the primary qualities of at least two genders. Additionally, some may simply identify as multiple gender-proximal identities (eg. boyprox and enbyprox) in addition to or instead of identifying as multigenderprox or bigenderprox.


    The term was coined by FANDOM user HaiFire3344 on September 26, 2021, after being suggested to by fellow FANDOM user Ayyowazzupking on the same day.[1]


    The bigenderprox flag was made on January 15, 2022, after FANDOM user Truly T.E.A. noticed that there was none, and after getting confirmation from the coiner.[2] It has no confirmed meaning.


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