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    cockyroaches' bambi gay flag.
    crayonpuppy.x's bambi gay flag.

    A bambi gay, faline turian or bunny gay is a vincian/turian/floric/uranian who prefers cuddles, hugs, kisses, and other affectionate and even sensual non-sexual acts over sexual acts. It is a term used by asexual vincians and other ace-spec achilleans but not by all. It is the gay men's equivalent to bambi lesbian. Its counterpart is eros gay.


    In the 1950s, the Bambi effect was a biphobic slang term for young gay men who to others seemed to go from gay to straight or expressed fluid sexuality.[1] While that usage of Bambi fell out of use, "bambi" and other terms related to deer are still used as a homophobic slurs against gay men in certain contexts.[2]

    However, the modern definition and usage of bambi gay is the result of the revival of the term bambi lesbian by Tumblr user nonbinarysapphics on August 25, 2017[3], which resulted in the creation of bambi-sexualities bambi gay, squirrel bi, and fox pan. The first known use of bambi gay is by Tumblr user floramau on January 2, 2018.[4]


    The first bambi gay flag was created by Tumblr user cockyroaches on December 2, 2018.[5] The colors used are meant to represent the character Thumper from the Bambi (1942) animated movie and show WLW and MLM solidarity.

    The second bambi gay flag was created by FANDOM user crayonpuppy.x on May 2, 2021.


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