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    The azurgirl flag.

    Azurgirl is a term for a masculine girl or woman. They consider themselves a girl or have a connection to womanhood, but they also have a connection to masculinity, either in their gender or their gender expression. It is an umbrella term for all identities that involve being both a girl and masculine. This includes masculine-aligned women and women who present masculinely.

    The male counterpart of azurgirl is rosboy.


    The term azurgirl was coined by Tumblr user neopronouns on July 17, 2020.[1]


    The flag was also created by Tumblr user neopronouns on July 17, 2020. The flag is based on the feminenby and masculenby flags, and the man and woman flags.


    The prefix comes from the word “azure”, which is a specific shade of blue. This prefix is similar to how many European languages say ‘blue’, and the English word relates to nature, which the coiner felt unified this term and its counterpart, rosboy.