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    Azromantic (pronounced ‘as’ or ‘ays’) is a romantic orientation on the aromantic spectrum. It describes one that is aro-spec but doesn’t feel like they are in the spectrum and that they actually feel like they are alloromantic.

    Some experiences may include:

    • Experiencing tertiary attraction, that feel as if they are alloromantic.
    • Feeling alloromantic (as opposed to identifying as alloromantic) even though they are aro-spec to one gender but is aro-spec and feels aro-spec to another. An example could be, one is demiromantic to females but experience alterous attraction to males which makes the attraction to males feel alloromantic.

    Its counterpart is azsexual


    Coined by Tumblr user a1ly on January 25, 2022. [1]


    Yellow represents the aro-spec and white, grey and black represents alloromantic in the alloromantic flag.

    On the alternative flag, instead of yellow, green is used to represent the aro-spec.


    The letter 'a' is used to represent aromantic and 'z' represents alloromantic.