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    Auto Spectrum

    One of the autospec flags, by @kenochoric.
    The auto-spec flag without the symbol

    The Auto Spectrum, also known as autospec, auto-spec, or simply auto, refers to a spectrum of identities that include attraction towards oneself in some form, such as autosexual, autoromantic, autoplatonic, self-partnered, and others. This attraction may or may not be exclusive. Furthermore, autospec encompasses those who only partially identify with auto, such as autoflux.

    Auto-spec identities


    While terms such as autosexual and autoromantic have existed for longer than the spectrum itself, the Tumblr user kenochoric created the term auto spectrum itself on November 2nd, 2021, as an effort to unify all auto- identities under one broad spectrum of experiences, similar to the asexual spectrum and aromantic spectrum.[1]

    The first instance of autosexuality being mentioned in history was by Bernard Apfelbaum, a PHD graduate in clinical psychology. At this time, it was considered sexual deviancy. However, autosexuality is simply attraction towards oneself, and is not a psychological or sexual abnormality. Formerly, autosexuality was considered to be a part of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), however this has since been changed. While some people with NPD may be autosexual, they do not inherently go together.

    The term autoromantic was first used in the 1970s, but was not considered a serious sexuality, instead being used as a joke for a car enthusiast. However, since at least the mid-2000s, there have been instances of autoromantic being used, often on sites like AVEN.

    A Carrd for the autospec identity was created on November 3rd, 2021.[2]


    The auto spectrum flag was created at the same time as the term, by Tumblr user kenochoric on November 2nd, 2021.

    The autospec flags were inspired mainly by the blues and greys of the original autosexual flags, as well as the greens from the autoromantic flag. Furthermore, purple and green was included to represent aspecs who identify with these terms. The grey represents those who are specifically on a spectrum somewhere, as well as those who experience exclusive auto attraction.

    All symbols were chosen due to them being looping hearts in some capacity, showing self-love.



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