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    Asocial flag
    Asocial means not feeling social attraction. Someone who is asocial is less likely to have a public role model, someone they want to aspire after socially, and similar aspects. They may find a partner less attractive if they behave differently in public/social situations. They are also less likely to want to go to public places, being seen as introverted or antisocial.

    Asociality comes in many forms, and isn't always a bad trait or negative to ones health. Asociality, however, can be an issue when it causes little to no social interaction, or is caused from treatable mental disorders or disabilities. However, despite modern society seeing it as a negative trait, asociality is seen as a desirable and mystical trait in Hinduism, Jainism, Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Buddhism and Sufism.

    It is important to note that being asocial is different than being antisocial. The difference between being antisocial and asocial, is that one who is asocial may still want to participate in social events even though they lack social attraction, while one who is antisocial dislikes social events and interactions.

    Uses outside of LGBTQ+

    Asociality is a term that can also be used as a way to not appropriate the term antisocial (which has to do with mental illness). This use is commonly used for introverts who don't like social gatherings, but not to the extent that it becomes an extreme problem.


    The first known use of the term asocial was in 1883, meaning "rejecting or lacking the capacity for social interaction." Since then, it has been used in psychology alongside the term 'antisocial' to describe those who do not participate in social situations. The LGBTQ+ community adopted this term when creating tertiary attractions, and now use 'asocial' as the opposite of social attraction.


    The asocial flag was coined on December 28, 2020, by a user going by Alex. The grey represents disconnection from social attraction, white represents society, and pink represents self care and self unity. The black figure in the middle contrasts the brighter colors, in order to show distance and difference from those who do experience social attraction. The speech bubbles represent social interaction.




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