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    The artsexual flag.
    A simplified version of the artsexual flag.
    Alternate artsexual flag.
    Artsexual symbol (alternate)

    Artsexual is when one is attracted to art, such as paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc. Often times individuals who identify as artsexual have little to no attraction to individuals in real life, and fall under the asexual/aromantic spectrums. This term could be considered a subset to objectum for some individuals, due to sculptures being a possibility, however it is most commonly used in a similar manner to animatesexual in which one is attracted to the characters within the art rather than the art itself.

    There are multiple microlabels to artsexual. However, due to the extreme variety of art that is possible, they have been cut into general categories. These artsexual identities include...

    1. Crayosexual: the attraction to crayon art.
    2. Cilsexual: the attraction to pencil art.
    3. Paisexual: the attraction to painted art and/or watercolor art.
    4. Pesexual: the attraction to pen art.
    5. Digisexual: the attraction to digital art..
    6. Chalsexual: the attraction to chalk art.
    7. Kersexual: the attraction to marker art.
    8. Varisexual: the attraction to various art types, rather than just one category.

    One may add a color or a specific type to clarify their attraction. Examples: MSdigisexual/MSpaintdigisexual, BWcilsexual/Black&whitecilsexual, etc.

    Flags and symbols

    The flags were made by a fandom user going by Ruthie, on October 17, 2020. The first flag represents the color spectrum and is supposed to symbolize an art pallet. The second flag is the simplified version of the first.

    On May 17th, 2021 the alternate artsexual flag was created by fandom users Fruitindividual and PhysicsAndPuns. The center symbol represents the colour spectrum, the star shape represents its diversity and brightness, the white represents a canvas for art to be created upon, and the border is representative of a canvas frame for the art itself. The idea is that the symbol represents the sexuality as a whole and that the sexuality itself is a work of art as well.


    The term artsexual seems to have first been referenced on June 3rd of 2017 within the urban dictionary.

    First flag created on October 17th of 2020, second flag created on May 17th of 2021.



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