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    First Aroflirt flag, created by b-e-b-b-l-e on Tumblr[1]

    Aroflirt (also know as: Flirtatious Aromantic, Lascivusromantic) is a micro-label under the Aromantic Spectrum that defines someone who is Aromantic (either as an umbrella term, or a stand-alone label), who desires to engage in flirtatious behaviour with others (the definition of flirtatious is up to the interpretation of the individual) but does not desire a romantic relationship.

    Similar to Bellusromantic, but with flirtatious actions instead of romantic actions. The labels can be used simultaneously.

    Aroflirts may find themselves experiencing Exteramo Attraction or Alterous Attraction but can feel other forms of attraction for people they flirt with. This attraction is rarely if ever romantic.

    The sexual equivalent to this is Flirtatious Ace/sexual, Aceflirt, Lascivussexual.


    Aroflirt was coined by Tumblr user b-e-b-b-l-e on September 3rd, 2022. The flag and other names for the orientation were created on the same day.[2]

    The first known mention of the term was by Tumblr user b-e-b-b-l-e on July 10th, 2022.[3]


    The Aroflirt flag comprises of the Aromantic flag with a light orange stripe above the middle white stripe, and a pink stripe below the white stripe. The Aromantic colours still represent what they do in the original flag.

    The added orange is pulled from the Exteramo flag and represents “nonromantic/nonplatonic love” - to show the middle point in an Aroflirt relationship where is it neither romantic nor purely platonic, but something in between. It also represents the desire some Aroflirts may have to say their flirtationship is outside romantic or platonic attraction and is instead its own thing.

    The pink is pulled from the Alterous flag and represents “affection”, for the care that Aroflirts may feel towards their flirting partners. It also represents the ability that some Aroflirts have to develop romantic attraction in their flirtationships.


    Lascivusromantic comes from the Latin word "lascivus" which means "to be wanton, playful or frisky".[4]


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