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    The Alterousromantic Flag.
    Alterousromantic Alternative Flag.

    Alterousromantic or Romanticalterous is a form of emotional attraction that has multiple definitions. One may feel multiple of these definitions, not necessarily just one:

    • One understands that they feel alterous attraction and/or romantic attraction, but still can’t distinguish between them.
    • Knowing that they feel alterous and/or romantic attraction but they lean to one over the other (they may also label as the one they lean closer to).
    • Fluctuating between alterous and romantic attraction or fluctuating between alterous, not understanding which one they feel, and romantic.
    • Feeling alterous to one individual and/or romantic to the other and/or not being able to distinguish the attractions to another. One must at least feel a pair of either ones.

    Some may also be labeled as quoiromantic and/or quoialterous

    The Hetero-Alterousromantic Flag.
    The Homo-Alterousromantic Flag.
    The Bi-Alterousromantic Flag.

    Alterousromantic can can be combined with other orientations e.g. bi, hetero, homo etc.

    History and Flags

    Alterousromantic was coined by ALDA (Tumblr user a1ly) on November 26th, 2021.[1]

    The flags were created later, on November 27, 2021 by the same user. The alterousromantic flag uses the same colors as the alterous flag (yellow, grey, pink and red), but with an added heart shape representing both alterous and romantic attraction. The alternative flag has a heart shape and the same colors of the alternative alterous flag created by ALDA (Tumblr user a1ly).

    The same concept is to be used to make the combination flags for other orientations.


    Alterous and romantic are combined in the name to indicate the label is to do with both attractions.


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