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    The alloerotic flag
    Simplified alloerotic flag

    Alloerotic, also known as alloerotism, alloeroticism or alloeroticity, is a term denoting feeling sexual feelings or stimulated sexual urges towards other individuals. It was created as the opposite to autoerotic and analloerotic or desires relating to oneself.

    This can be distinct from sexual attraction as sexual attraction is defined as wanting to have sex with a particular individual, while alloerotism is defined as feeling sexual urges towards a particular individual. However, it is occasionally used synonymously with sexual attraction and is an umbrella term for any and all sexual fixations directed towards or caused by other individuals, whether it be sexual urges or sexual attraction.

    The History

    Alloerotic is based on the word "allo" meaning "other" and erotic and comes from the German word alloerotisch. It was coined in the 20th century and predates the word allosexual, and it's existance is a potential contributing factor why "allosexual" became the primary adjective to describe non asexuals.


    The alloerotic flags were by Tumblr user felix-makes-flags on January 13th, 2022. Black and white are for allo-, and the red and pink are for -erotic and sexual urges and attraction.[1]


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