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    Alimull, or alimüll, is a term to describe any transgender or non-cis person who is assigned female at birth. It was created to encourage using alternative language as often many people use AFAB (especially in the context of non-binary people) in a way that reduces people to their assigned gender.

    Though there had been words to describe a variety of AFAB transgender experiences there had not yet been a term to describe the shared experience of the intersection of being both non-cis and AFAB for all people who have both of those labels. This includes, but is not limited to:

    Transmasculine, though it overlaps with alimull, does not encompass the experiences of all AFAB transgender people. For example, feminine-aligned AFAB non-binary people (such as demigirls), xenogender AFAB people, non-binary who use other alignment labels that are not masculine aligned, and non-binary people who do not use alignment labels, are alimull but are not transmasculine. It not accurate enough to generalize or simplify the AFAB trans experience into the label of transmasculine, though many alimull people are transmasculine as well.

    It is important to clarify the different experiences of AFAB and AMAB transgender people in some situations, such as discussion of transphobia and how it can differently manifest towards AFAB vs. AMAB transgender people. For example, alimulls may experience transphobia in the sense of infantilization and one not knowing their "real" identity due to them being AFAB (and the experience similar to misogyny for all AFAB people). In common TERF rhetoric there is the idea of being "concerned" for the "misguided girls", and the idea that being transgender is a way to escape patriarchal oppression. However, those specific transphobic ideas are not ones directed at aliwolffs (AMAB transgender people).


    The term was created by two people in the formerly-affiliated LGBTA wiki discord server on March 16, 2021, who are users Snowflake Shenanigans and Aed-Invalid in the LGBTA wiki. This page is the original source of the coining.


    The term combines the root ali-, which means "other" or "different," with müllerian, which is an AFAB person.

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