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    The acarnal flag.
    The alternate acarnal flag.
    The alternate acarnal flag without the symbol.

    Acarnal is a term related to the ARCsexual umbrella which describes an individual who is sex-indifferent. Acarnal individuals experience no strong positive or negative feelings towards sexual attraction/interaction.

    This term is commonly used within the asexual community, but is not exclusive to this community or sexuality.


    The term was coined by Kisten Sadi through WordPress and Tumblr on December 14, 2014.[1][2] It was first suggested on December 3, 2014.[3]


    The flag was designed by Mod Fy on Tumblr account beyond-mogai-pride-flags on January 15, 2018. The flag was originally made to be used for sex-indifferent,[4] but since acarnal and sex-neutral share a definition, it's also used here. The flag's color meanings are currently unknown, but it can be assumed that the purple on the flag represents lack of sexual attraction; a common theme in ace-spec flags.[5]

    An alternate acarnal flag was made by ElderflowerJuice on September 3, 2021. It is represented by a symbol of Hephaestus.