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    Xenogirl Gender Symbol
    The xenogirl flag.
    Xenogirl Alt Flag by mogai-database on tumblr

    Xenogirl or "xenowoman" is a term for individuals who identify as xenic girls/women.[1] It can include but is not limited to individuals who are multigender with a female and xenogenders, gendervast individuals, genderfluid individuals who most commonly experience female and xenogenders, as well as a lunarian xenic individuals or any others who identify as both female or female-aligned and as xenic. The associated gender quality is xemininity.

    Demixenogirl flag by Reign of the breadsticcs


    Demixenogirl is a gender identity which can refer to a few different things-

    1. A multigender individual who is both demigirl and demixenogender (they may be other genders as well)
    2. A monogender individual who feels their gender is a singular "fusion" of demigirl and demixenogender
    3. A individual whose gender is some percent demigirl and some percent demixenogender, making both only partial components of their gender and therefore demigender components
    4. A genderfluid individual who is fluid between demigirl and demixenogender (they may be fluid between other genders as well)


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