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    Soulgender is a xenogender that feels connected to the Pixar movie Soul. It could be a gender that fluctuates, changes, or is only felt when watching soul. It could also be a gender that feels lively, connected, down to earth, desperate for greatness, determined, musical, and strong, or a gender that feels lonely, lost, confused, searching for purpose, all while hiding behind a mask of snarky carelessness.

    Soulgender flag


    The term Soulgender was coined by a user going by Anderson on January 3rd, 2021 in order to describe one of his gender experiences.


    The flag was coined by Anderson on January 4th, 2021. The colors were pulled from important settings of the movie. The dark blue-ish purple represents personality depth, purple represents the vast gender spectrum and how life can effect it, violet represents exploration and liveliness, pale-pink represents emotional connection to the movie, white represents ones soul, light turqouise represents fluctuation and change (whether it be in life or in gender,) dark turqoise represents seeking ones purpose, and blue represents the unique life each person holds. The stars and circle represents earth and space, and how large and vast the universe is compared to each person, and the lighter shading around earth represents how we should own the world we live on while we have the chance.



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