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    Sketchsexual flag
    Sketchsexual is a sexuality in which ones sexuality is in some way connected to/influenced by art. The first definition is that ones sexuality could change and/or fluctuate when looking at or creating art. The second definition is that ones sexual orientation feels like a sketch, or a messy piece of art, possibly hard to make out or understand due to its sketchy nature. It can be a considered of abrosexual and/or aceflux.

    Not to be confused with artsexual.


    The term sketchsexual was coined by a user going by Angel on December 4th, 2020 along with sketchgender and sketchromantic.


    The flag was coined by Angel on December 4th, 2020. The dark pink represents women and love, feminine genders and sexual attraction, the white represents xenic genders and pureness, the dark purple represents androgyny and unity, the light purple represents intersex individuals and diversity, dark blue represents men and pride, mid-blue represents masculine genders and loyalty, lighter blue represents multigenders and fluidity in sexuality, grey represents genderless people and peace, while the yellow halo represents art and geniune attraction. The design of it all represents the possible sketchy feelings of ones sexuality.

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