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    The she/her gay flag.
    An alternative she/her gay flag.

    A she/her gay is a specifically tailored identity that refers to a gay man who uses she/her pronouns. The term can be used by any men who are mlm (achillean) and use she/her pronouns. Those pronouns can be exclusive or one can be multipronoun or pronoun non-conforming.

    There also exists neopronoun gays, neopronoun lesbians, he/him lesbians, they/them lesbians, it/its lesbians, they/them gay individuals, and it/its gay individuals.

    She/her gays are also sometimes referred to as she/her vincians, she/her patroclians, she/her cintheans, she/her wildeans, or she/her achilleans.

    She/Her Gays vs Trans Women

    A she/her gay does not identify as female. She may acknowledge she is male, but pronouns do not always equal gender identity, as a she/her gay is simply a more specific form of pronoun non-conforming gay men.

    It is a common misunderstanding that she/her gays "make the transgender community look bad", but that is simply the fault of the individuals who refuse to think about the subject or break down the concept to understand it. Oftentimes, pronouns are gendered but in some cases they're not despite what society says. The pronouns one uses are another part of gender expression, just like one's clothes or behavior. In the same way some non-binary individuals are more comfortable using pronouns other than they/them, some binary individuals feel more comfortable using pronouns other than the ones typically associated with their gender.


    The she/her flag was designed by Tumblr user Wuvsbian on May 22, 2018 following their he/him lesbian flag.


    1. https://wuvsbian.tumblr.com/post/174142919962/sheher-gay-flag-this-was-requested-alongside
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