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    The galaxsexual flag.

    Galaxsexual and Galaxromantic is an orientation based on the interweaving connections between being genderfluid and ceterosexual. This identity is useful for people who identify and change through different genders being able to describe their primary attraction to nonbinary people. Galaxsexual is also inclusive of other gender attractions included with nonbinary.

    A galaxsexual person may feel dysphoric calling themself ceterosexual when they are exclusively aligned with a binary gender and thus uses this label when not using or instead of the label of ceterosexual. They could also dislike the term ceterosexual due to its common exclusively non-binary connotations and controversies.
    The galaxromantic flag.


    The flag color meanings are as follows: Dark teal represents attraction to non-binary people. Teal represents attraction to female-aligned non-binary people and male-aligned non-binary people. Light teal represents attraction to unaligned non-binary people. Light purple represents attraction to multi-aligned non-binary people. Purple represents genderfluidity.

    The galaxromantic flag has the same meanings, but with different colors.

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