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    A demisensual flag.
    Demisensual is a sensual orientation defined as someone who does not experience sensual attraction until they have formed a deep emotional connection with someone. The connection can be platonic, romantic or some other form of connection. Forming an emotional bond with someone does not mean that one is automatically attracted to said person, as it just means there's now a possibility for one to feel attraction.

    It is important to distinguish between typical sensual attraction to friends and romantic partners, and demisensuality, which implies that there would be no sensual attraction to anyone unless a close relationship was to be established. The already existing relationship is the only way a demisensual person would be able to experience sensual attraction. Being sensually attracted to one's close friends does not necessarily mean that one is demisensual, for example.

    Demisensual can be a sensual orientation on its own or can be combined with other orientations. For example, one could be demisensual and bisensual (Demibisensual), meaning that when one does experience sensual attraction they can experience it towards two or more genders.


    The prefix demi- means half or partial.

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