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    Bewildegender is a xenogender that feels as if it simultaneously exists and doesn’t exist. Not that it was once there and was lost, but that it vaguely feels as if it’s there, similar to when you try to remember a word but are unable to come up with it despite knowing that it exists. A gender that feels both extremely real but also unnaturally fake, almost as if one could see it out of the corner of their eye.

    A six-striped flag with the colours (in order from top to bottom): dull green, light gray, white, light brown, dark forest green and a final stripe of dark dull brown.
    Original Bewildegender flag.

    Bewildegender is not limited to masculine or feminine gender identities, and can be used to describe any gender identity one wants.


    The term comes from the word bewildered to mean confused, as well as the word wild from wilderness, to signify that the gender feels as if it is out in the wild rather than in one fixed spot, free from existence yet still being a part of it.


    Original Bewildegender flag.
    Alternate Bewildegender flag.

    For the first flag, the muted colours represent the fact that the gender feels as if it is ‘outside’ of existence, with the single grey stripe symbolising how the gender is not present. The greens represent the ‘wildness’ of the gender and how it neutral - neither a warm nor cold colour to symbolise how it is both real and fake. The first three stripes, when viewed together, are disjointed and show that the gender is false, however the last three stripes are harmonious and signify that the gender is present and does exist.

    For the second flag, the green stripe similarly represents how the gender is neither real nor fake, and the black and white are also used to show this - black symbolises the nonexistence of gender, and white the existence of gender or genders. The dark grey stripe is used to show that the gender is both the ‘black’ and ‘white’ stripes - a mix of reality and fiction.


    Both the label and the flags were created by Discord user prof.mono#7624[1] on 20th September 2022, and later posted publicly by Tumblr user prof-mono[2] on that same day.


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