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    transgnf's bambigender flag.
    Bonebambi's bambigender flag.

    Bambigender is a gender identity that is both feminine and masculine and feels vulnerable. This gender is best described as a curious and playful gender, often oblivious of sorrowful feelings until personally experienced. People with this gender identity can be categorized as social prey and as such they often feel the need to be more cautious than other people.

    Individuals with this identity are often perceived as female due to the misconceptions around Bambi's vulnerability appearing as a feminine trait. Bambigender people's masculinity is often hidden deeper within and appears more prominently through growth, protectiveness, and bravery. Bambigender may also be considered a fictigender connected with the movie Bambi and its sequels or kingender of Bambi.

    History Flag

    The term and flag were created by Twitter user transgnf on September 3, 2020.[1]

    A second flag was created by FANDOM user User:Bonebambi on December 11, 2020. The top yellow stripe of their bambigender flag represents purity, the orange stripe adventure, the red stripe Bambi's dead mother, the purple stripe the Great Prince, and the blue stripe no balance.


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