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    The anthroromantic flag.

    Anthroromantic or anthromantic (also known as anthroporomantic) refers to someone romantically attracted to humans, regardless of gender/expression.

    It can be used interchangeably with panromantic, however in fantasy settings, or for certain fictoromantic orientations, it is possible to distinguish between between the two, as panromantic leaves the possibility to be attracted to non-human beings.

    Another use of anthroromantic could come from someone having a fictoromantic identity as well. (For example: anthroromantic cartoromantic, the attraction to cartoon characters so long as they're human.) Although anthroromantic alone means attraction to humans regardless of gender, anthroromantic when combined with a fictoromantic identity may not include all genders. (For example: Lesbian anthroromantic-animateromantic.)

    The sexual counterpart is anthrosexual.


    The flag was coined by an unspecified user, and is based off of the anthrosexual flag.


    Coming from the Greek word anthrōpos meaning human being, anthromantics are defined by their attraction to just that - human beings. But all human beings, not a specific identity.

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